‘Quarantine Questions’ met Maripepa Contreras

Tijdens de lockdown hebben we de Marmoucha Collective leden gesproken en een aantal ‘Quarantine Questions’ gevraagd om te zien hoe zij de lockdown zijn doorgekomen. Welke muziek ze hebben geluisterd, hoe hun thuiswerk situatie was, waar ze naar uitkijken zodra we allemaal weer mogen? Maandelijks delen we deze korte interviews op de website en social media kanalen van Marmoucha. Dit keer delen we het interview van de artistiek coördinator van het collectief gespecialiseerd in klassiek westerse muziek: Maripepa Contreras. Omdat het merendeel van het Marmoucha Collective niet Nederlandstalig is hebben we de interviews in het Engels afgenomen:

Meet Maripepa Contreras. Maripepa Contreras is one of the few jazz oboists in the world, active in both the classical and jazz world. She started her classical education in Spain at a very young age. In 2015 she moved to Amsterdam to do a bachelors in jazz at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and in 2018 she won the ‘AIE Jazz Tete Montoliu’ scholarship to finish her bachelors degree in oboe jazz at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Marmoucha: Hi Maripepa, what are you most excited about when we can all start playing in front of a live audience again?

Maripepa: Hi Marmoucha! I’m really looking forward to seeing people’s faces again and to be able to look directly into their eyes again. With video calls you’re always staring at a screen. It’s annoying that when you look into the camera you can’t really look at the other person you’re talking to, and if you look at the person on the screen, it looks like you’re looking to something else…

Marmoucha: What song have you enjoyed playing the most at home during the lockdown?

Maripepa: Mostly Doce de Côco by Jacob do Bandolim, but to share all the video’s and recordings I’ve done at home may take a long time. So I’ll just share this fun video I made at home of my personal version of ‘Doce de Côco’. 

Marmoucha: What song have you been playing on repeat on your radio/speakers/smart phone during the lockdown?

Maripepa: The album ‘Blue in Choro’ by Elizabeth Fadel. <3