Marmoucha Collective and 2M Orchestra – ‘Makamat’ New Compositions IV


  3 juli 2020 - 3 juli 2020
  Online, Youtube, Facebook

Meer speeldata:
For the fourth edition of the online initiative, the Marmoucha Collective has joined forces with the great 2M Orchestra from Morocco under the direction of Naoufal El Farouki. Long time friends and collaborators, Mohamed Ahaddaf and Naoufal el Farouki, have brought together a refreshed rendition of Ahaddaf’s song “Makamat” using traditional instruments with a modern approach. Together with the arrangement of Darash, El Farouki has shined the arabic tradition of maqam and Tarab into the classically written piece.
Makamat means “Scales”, where one can hear the best musicians of Morocco together with the best musicians of the Netherlands into one melting pot of harmonies, scales, improvisations and interplay created from a distance.
* The Marmoucha Collective
Mohamed Ahaddaf – Ud/Composition
Avishai Darash – Piano/Arrangement/Video Editing
Francesco Bongiorno – Drums/Mix/Master
Arin Keshishi – Bass
Maripepa Contreras Gámez – oboe/Transcription
Maria Cristina González – flute J
asper le Clercq – violin
Marta González – Cello
Mark Nieuwenhuis – trumpet
Gidon Nunes Vaz – trumpet
Emad Ghajjou – Riqq
* 2M Orchestra
Naoufal el Farouki – Keyboards/Arrangement/Direction
Adil Charfi – Nay
Achraf Kerkich – Violin
Moulay Ahmed Regragui – Violin
Aziz Youssef – Violin
Anasart – Violin Elias el lhousayni – Violin
Mustafa Antari – Darbuka
Anouar Essaidi – Cello
Director: Said Salhi
Business Director : Peter Bander
The Online initiative of Stichting Marmoucha.
This production has been made possible by Stichting Marmoucha,
All rights reserved (c) 2020