Marmoucha Collective Sessions – ‘Kartana’ New Compositions V


  11 juli 2020 - 11 juli 2020
  Online, Youtube, Facebook

Meer speeldata:
Composer and arranger Avishai Darash has written this piece last year as a tribute to the merging cultures of northern Africa and the middle east. Kartana in sanskrit means “to cut”. In his eyes there are no actual musical borders that define or cut the origins of the piece. Darash has compiled in this arrangement an array of influences from andalusia, the maghreb and west europe. “Kartana” has become another experience where one can hear the signature sound of the Marmoucha Collective.
The Collective: Avishai Darash – Piano/Composition/Arrangement/Video Editing
Mohamed Ahaddaf – Ud
Francesco Bongiorno – drums/mix/master
Arin Keshishi – Bass
Emad Ghajjou – Bandir
Maripepa Contreras Gámez – oboe
Maria Cristina González – flute J
asper le Clercq – violin/Viola
Nuri Ata – Violin
Marta González – Cello
Mark Nieuwenhuis – trumpet
Gidon Nunes Vaz – trumpet
The Online initiative of Stichting Marmoucha
This production has been made possible by Stichting Marmoucha, All rights reserved (c) 2020
Director: Said Salhi
Business Director – Peter Bander
Collective Directors :Avishai Darash/Mohamed Ahaddaf